What type of file is required for the Personalised Custom Logo Board listing?

  • Image Size: We require images that are a minimum file size of 200KB. If a file is smaller in size than this, it is difficult to scale the image to the size of the cheeseboard or chopping board to be engraved and a lot of detailing and legibility is lost. Please ensure you check the file size by right clicking on the image on your desktop (usually located in properties), or on your phone by clicking the information button (usually 3 dots or an i in a circle).

  • Image Type: We require strictly clean black and white files for logo engravings, such as clipart or vector files, and they must be in a JPEG, PNG, PDF or PSD file type. Our machines aren't able to read between different shades of grey, like in greyscale photographs or sketches/drawings, etc. Please see below for examples:

If you are unsure if you have the correct file size or type, please don't hesitate to forward a copy of your image to [email protected] and we can advise if it is a suitable file.

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