How does your website work?

Sophie G

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

The designs that you find on our website are templates, and the details that you provide (for example, in the fields that say First Name, Second Name, etc), simply replace the details shown on the example. On each listing, you will find personalisation fields where you can enter the details you'd like. Not all fields are required, and optional fields will be marked as such.

The design templates also extend to capitalisation; where you will see a design all in capitals, even if you provide the details in lower case, it will be engraved in capitals (and vice versa). Unless we are contacted prior to, or after placing your order with a request for a design change, the board is made exactly according to the template. Not all fonts are available in both capital and lower case letters, so bear in mind, it may not always be possible to fulfil your request.

Every design is customisable, and we offer design changes at no additional charge! If you have a design change request and would like to see a proof prior to ordering, please Send an email.

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